Exploring the connections between art and science

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-Technology is always changing and something that has become very popular in the last decade is E-sports  Ferris State University has been keeping up with the trends and has a New E-sports production program.  E-sports is very similar to real sports as there is a team, jerseys and even an announcer.  While ArtPrize is going on in Grand Rapids, this weekend Confluence 2022 is also taking place.

Confluence 2022 is a festival that focuses on exploring the connections between art, music science and technology.  This year at the festival they are hosting a Rocket League tournament.  This popular E-sports game consists of playing soccer with cars on teams featuring multiple players.  This gives the general public to understand, watch and even play E-sports.  The tournament consists of 2 divisions, featuring local students from high school and college. 

E-sports have really taken off amongst our youth.  As an example, Michigan State University has an E-sports club that consist of 1500 active members.  If you are not into the actual gaming, you can get a job into E-Sports production such as the role they call a caster.  This is announcing and adding color commentary to an E-sports event which is similar to announcing a sports event.  Confluence 2022 is going on this weekend and best of all it is totally free.  You can find more information about Confluence 2022 here.   

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